Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Fresh New Start

It's That Time of Year
Time For Fresh Starts
I'm starting my new year off with a new venture!
I have launched a new business called
Simplify With Joy
(You can find me on facebook and Like my page, if you so desire.)

I am so excited about this new adventure in my life, 
and so ready for a new challenge.

I have always loved to oragnize and decorate;
to make things pretty and functional.
I am now going to take those natural tendencies
and put them into use in a more professional way.

For many years I have helped other people 
clean out their closets, etc...
Ask My Best Customer, 
My Sister.
She always has a project for me to work on. 

She told me that she looks at a closet and
it makes her feel dizzy.
I told her that I look at her little shop
and all of the creativity and work that goes 
into creating and maintaining it,
and I feel dizzy.

God gifts us with our own unique passions and skills.
It's nice when they cross over and you can help
each other.
I have received some amazing furnitue and trinkets 
from her cool, little shop in the past.
They Are Favorite Things Forever!
More to come later about her new shop
Urban Grace
Coming Soon

So, please join me here at my new blog.
I plan to have tips to help you organize,
tips to help you simplify your life and home.

Simplifing Life Brings Joy

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